Paula Reid
The Adventure Psychologist
‘Inspiring Business Resilience'


Business, leadership and personal retreats are becoming more popular as the world gets busier and spins faster.

​Adventure Psychology Retreats allow you time to breathe, move away from the busy-ness and take a calm view of your life and work from a distant vantage point. Retreats enable you to see the bigger picture, be more strategic, visionary and resilient. Then get the perspective and priorities right before moving back into your complex and fast-paced life. Ideally Retreats are away from home and work, with inspiration and soul-fulfilment from great views and fresh air, in the country, by the sea or perhaps abroad.

Paula – The Adventure Psychologist, also takes individual leaders who feel ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’ on 1:1 retreats involving physical outdoor adventures, time for reflection and 1:1 coaching. Price on application.