Paula Reid
The Adventure Psychologist
‘Inspiring Business Resilience’

The Adventure Psychologist

Paula is rare in that she not only understands the academic theory behind the topic but is herself an extreme adventurer and successful business leader – bringing together the three disciplines of Adventure, Psychology and Business from first-hand experience.

Imagine working for 12 hours a day where the temperature is -40 degrees; twice as cold as your freezer. Imagine skiing uphill, into the wind, for 46 days pulling an 80kg sledge. If that wasn’t hard enough, include a severe and very painful cold injury to both legs from Day 7. If anyone knows about mental toughness – Paula does. She has learned resilience first hand and understands how to perform enduringly in the toughest of conditions. From Skiing to the South Pole to Yacht Racing around the world, she has learned how to thrive in hugely challenging circumstances. Combine this with over 30 years working with leaders and running businesses and add a Masters’ Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, and you get ‘The Adventure Psychologist’.

​​Through her unique combination of extensive business intelligence, personal extreme expedition experience and academic qualifications, Paula’s expertise is unparalleled in being able to equip today’s people and organisations with the tools to thrive in challenging and uncertain conditions. 

​This is a huge, fast-developing topic and Paula is in demand both academically (writing papers and books) as well as in business, delivering expert talks and running masterclasses around the world.

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Supporting and challenging people and organisations to thrive.

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