Paula Reid
The Adventure Psychologist
‘Inspiring Business Resilience’

What is Adventure Psychology?

Adventure Psychology helps organisations and individuals thrive during change, challenge and uncertainty. 

Adventure Psychology is to Go Knowingly into the Unknown.

Most people will be familiar with Sport Psychology which is about peak performance in fixed conditions over a short period of time.

In comparison, Adventure Psychology builds enduring and resilient performance during uncertainty and challenge over extended periods of time. Adventure Psychology is much more relevant in today’s world.

Adventure Psychology is a Performance Psychology.

Performance Psychology improves and enhances human functioning. Adventure Psychology is based on the foundations of Second Wave Positive Psychology, embracing concepts such as: Post Traumatic Growth, Resilience, Mental Toughness, Realistic Optimism, Wisdom, Meaning and Growth. Positive Psychology’s aim is to optimise human functioning and flourishing. Second Wave Positive Psychology includes the grit of life (the tough stuff), where the situation or input may be positive or negative, but the output is ‘positive’ or helpful – such as post-traumatic or post-venture growth.

Adventure Psychology introduction

How to Survive, Cope & Thrive in difficult times
How to deal with change, challenge and uncertainty
Increased flexible, resilient and enduring performance
Helpful thinking to enable optimum functioning and flourishing
Boost morale, motivation, focus and engagement

Expanded mental capacity driving better performance & productivity

Adventure Psychology: